Comfort Insole by Riecken’s


The Comfort Insole is by Rieckens. Inclusive in the insert is cushioning for the ball of foot cushion, metatarsal, and heel. The metatarsal bar lifts heads and separates shafts, also with an arch cup. It is 3/4 length and provides metatarsal relief (see areas 1, 2, and 3 on picture), heel relief (see areas 4 and 5 on picture), scaphoid support (area 6), plantar fascitis slot relieves pressure (area 7); and a lateral stabilizer (area 8).

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#96 Women's Small (5-7 ), #96 Women's Medium (8-9), #96 Women's Large (10-12), #247 Men's Small (7-9), #247 Men's Medium (10-12), #247 Men's Large (13-15)


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